High Performance Program

Full time programs at Elite Tennis in Vancouver are internationally recognized among the finest training available in Canada. Students with diverse abilities, from across the province, attend Elite Tennis Academy for comprehensive and progressive training programs taught by world class instructors.

Through training methodology developed by Dal Gill, the programs at Elite Tennis Academy create winners of all ages. Our players are champions—Elite Tennis in Vancouver often produce the top 3-5 players for both boys and girls in each age group.

Our High Performance Program combines technical, tactical, mental, and physical training to help each player uncover their unique strengths and playing style. Last year, several Elite students received scholarships to top US colleges and universities. Additionally, several students have been scouted to play for Team Canada.

For each new student, the High Performance Program begins with a comprehensive assessment that allows us to evaluate movement, strength, speed, posture, and game style. Following this assessment, a meeting is set up between the student, parents, and coaches to create an individualized training program that meets everyone’s short and long term goals.

At Elite Tennis in Vancouver, our focus is producing high performance tennis players.

Want to learn more about Elite Tennis Academy or reserve a spot? Contact us at (778) 317-3000 or by email for more information.

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