We know you’ve got  questions about the fast-paced world of academy tennis in Vancouver, and we’ve got answers. Browse through our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact us at (778) 317-3000 or by email.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not offer credit or make up lessons for cancelled lessons. We specially reserve court time and the coach’s time specifically for clients. Therefore pre-payment in full is expected for all lessons.

The only exception to this policy is when students are playing in tournaments. We require one week written notice (via email) that students will be participating in tournaments. We will reschedule private lessons and try to make alternate arrangements.

Do you have a uniform policy?

Yes. All our students wear uniforms (provided by us) to promote a cohesive and united atmosphere. Students receive two complimentary t- shirts when they first register with Elite Tennis Academy.  After that, shirts are available for purchase in our online shop.

What memberships are required?

No memberships are required.

Can I go to another coach?

Only with the written permission from the Director of Tennis of Elite Tennis Academy.

How do I register?

For individual or hourly sessions, please contact Elite Tennis in Vancouver at (778) 317-3000 or by email to reserve your spot today.

Returning students simply have to register and submit their fees. Newcomers enrolling in terms or camps go through a 3-step process: Assessment, Register & Pay, and Liability Waiver:


Fill out and submit the Assessment to Elite Tennis Academy. You will then be contacted and an assessment session will be scheduled to determine the player’s experience and ability. Once the assessment is complete, a program will be recommended.

Register & Pay

Once Elite Tennis in Vancouver has made a program recommendation, you need to Register online. Full payment is required at the time of registration. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cheque and Cash. Enrollment is confirmed once the registration form and payment is received, so it’s very important we have relevant contact information. New students enrolling in camps or terms must complete the third and final step (Liability Waiver) before the process is complete.

Liability Waiver

The liability waiver form must be completed and a signed hard copy must be provided to Elite Tennis Academy. Once all the paperwork is complete (the assessment, online registration form and payment along with the liability waiver), the student is officially registered. Please note, students only have to submit one liability waiver when they first join Elite Tennis Academy. You can download the waiver here. Bring the signed waiver to the first class.

Can spectators watch?

Spectators can view the tennis lessons from the tennis lounge viewing area, which is located on the second floor. Only individuals participating in the tennis lesson are allowed on the tennis courts. Everyone else, including parents and siblings, must be in the tennis lounge viewing area.

Where is the Elite Tennis Academy located?

Elite Tennis Academy operates out of River Club at 11111 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC. View the map.

Do you have free parking available?


How do I pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cheque and Cash. You can call our offices at (778) 317-3000 with information or submit a payment online.

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